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Now once he found out the details, how he handled it in court is yet another separate case.

, court documents revealed that the Trump Organization owned 93 percent of Trump University.

A person who wrongs innocents, then hides it because he puts a higher priority on preserving his public persona than justice, is not a person to be trusted with power! People will say that all politicians are liars, or all politicians have something weird in their backstory.

Harris: But what you're describing is a totally unethical person. But there are very few politicians walking around with something that ugly in their backstory that they haven't repaired. When I said that it was a license deal, as opposed to a business that he was actively running—in the Dilbert world, I do a lot of license deals. The nature of those is that you're giving your brand and your name and then you're not really paying attention to the management of the company. One is what you described, that he knew the details and he was okay with it, which would be problematic for me, and I'm positive it would be problematic for 100 percent of Trump's supporters if that was the case.

If this was a blog for men, I would spend a whole lot more time talking about how men need to change.

But since this is a blog for women, usually my focus is on women’s blind spots, what they can learn, how they can understand men and take responsibility for their piece of all relationships.

Trump took those positions not because he believes them, Adams argued, but to mirror the emotional state of the voters he sought and to “open negotiations” on policy.

Jamie Turndorf ably outlined in her seminal book, “Kiss Your Fights Goodbye.” In short, if you attack your male partner, it’s either fight or flight. In it, he talks about how insensitive men trigger their wives by INCREASING the negativity in a conflict instead of attempting to listen, validate and calm things down. The irony is that couples would be happier if men allowed their wives’ opinions to matter more.

He’s either going to push back or pull away from the conflict. It’s not terribly surprising, but, for many couples, failure to de-escalate is like throwing a match onto a pile of kindling. The typical male response to female input: “You are not the boss of me! The problem is that only 35% of men are emotionally intelligent. The emotionally intelligent husband is interested in his wife’s emotions because he honors and respects her.

Send all 12 million back tomorrow.' When was the last time you heard anybody on the right complaining about that?

Because what happened was, immigration went down 50 to 70 percent, whatever the number was, just based on the fact that we would get tough on immigration.

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