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Minutes later, Sharpay meets Broadway star Amber Lee Adams (Cameron Goodman), star of the show, who Sharpay admires.

Leaving the theater, Sharpay is threatened by Roger that if she doesn't drop out, there will be serious consequences.

The next day (the first day of previews), Sharpay and Roger concoct a plan to remove Amber Lee from the show.

Roger smears raw chicken all over her golden shoes and when Amber Lee wears them the dogs start to lick her shoes.

Peyton finds them and returns them to the two new friends.

At the end of the day, Peyton begins to question Sharpay's motives for getting Boi in the production, and she drops out of his movie.

The boho princess completed her date night look with slicked-back hair, large hoops earrings, vampy make-up, and a plum-color sling bag. The former child actor wore a navy pantsuit, patent-leather dress shoes, and patterned button-up.

He was every inch a perfect gentleman as he led Vanessa out of Catch LA hand-in-hand.

Heartbroken, Sharpay seeks the support of Peyton, and the two make up.

While Roger and Sharpay fight over which dog gets the role at next rehearsal, Boi and Countess run away together, madly in love, and enjoy a jaunt around the city, even experiencing a carriage ride through central park ("Baby").

Sharpay and Roger panic, finally uniting to find the dogs.

Date nights, hikes, travels, and sweet tweets to each other are just some of the things that gave Vaustin fans major relationship goals.

Sharpay Evans (Ashley Tisdale) performs a dance number at the Lava Springs Country Club ("Gonna Shine").

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