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As for relationships, when you meet the right person, you’ll know it – and your roommate, sink full of dishes, or pet hamster probably won’t change their mind.

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(You might want to sign Sparky up for that obedience class.) Having a girl over?

Crank the heat (or air) and take down that ugly artwork: Women are more likely than men to be turned off by these factors.

And you might want to clip on that leash, because unruly pets are none too popular either.(We’re guessing a pet capybara is out of the question, too, especially since they can grow as large as dogs.) The outlook is just slightly better for people with cold-blooded pets: Just over a fifth of respondents won’t chill with someone who owns a snake, lizard, tortoise, turtle, or other reptile.For most couples, moving in together means making compromises – especially when it comes to home decor.From the You Just Can’t Win files: Living in an apartment, a condo, and a house are nearly equally undesirable to some potential suitors. Whiskers, while fewer than 5 percent of people say owning a pooch will land you in the doghouse.Thankfully each type of abode bothers fewer than 2 percent of people. More than 4 in 10 respondents say pet ownership is definitely not a dating deal breaker. Bad news for rodent lovers: Almost a quarter of people won’t date someone with a pet hamster, gerbil, mouse, rat, guinea pig, or chinchilla.

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