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They also said they didn't want their own activities to be limited by someone else's job status and potential financial limitations.One women quoted in the press release reflected that a job was a sign that a man was involved in , which could indicate a desire for a partner who is active and purposeful, rather than one who would take on the traditional role of the sole breadwinner.Still, the new survey joins an existing body of research indicating that women do want a man with some financial resources. Another study published last year found that German women increasingly look for men with salaries similar to their own.The reason, again, wasn't that the women wanted a man to take care of them.Leading relationship expert Brandon Wade says that the unemployed should not wallow in self-pity and instead use this down time as an opportunity to drastically change your love life.Be a “sugar baby” – If you have good looks, make it work for you.Just one-third of men said they would date an unemployed woman.Overall, 75 percent of women said they would be unlikely to date an unemployed man, with 33 percent saying no outright.

After all, a big percentage of us don't care so much about whether he has a job right this's more about whether he's the type of guy who's proactive enough to find himself a new job and be able to support himself in the long run. in 2011 found that women today care more about a man's income and level of education than they did in the 1940s.Another 42 percent of women answered maybe when asked about the possibility of dating an unemployed man.That answer, however, came with the stipulation that those women would not want to spend a lot of time in the relationship if the man did not have a plan in place.But a recent survey by the dating service "It's Just Lunch" found that there's one box in particular that straight women want checked: they want the men they date to have jobs.Of the 925 single women surveyed, 75 percent said they'd have a problem with dating someone without a job.

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