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It tells the story of a group of cookie-cutters who must save the world from an impending disaster.

The initial hook of the story is that the team starts off in very distant locations, so you'll switch back and forth between two groups for a brief period before everyone finds each other.

This meter is powered by almost any action you take, but it caps out with about enough power to use a skill three times in one battle.

Character progression and customization are equally generic to the battle system. Any skills beyond attacking and defending need to be equipped to your character, and skills can be linked with extra modifiers.

Both of these increase as you level up, but you'll never be able to equip everything, so you'll have to choose which things are important to you.The game gives you enough points right from the start to nearly afford one of the characters, and you'll probably earn the other through normal play, since points are earned by killing monsters and you're going to be doing a fair bit of that.The locations, on the other hand, are terribly costly, and you would have to spend about six dollars on IAP to afford them all. The story was somewhat enjoyable, everything worked well enough even if it wasn't all that innovative, and the game ended at about the right time.The enemies are animated, but there are really only a handful of unique sprites that get palette-swapped to oblivion.The only unique aspect to the battles is the presence of an energy meter that anyone in the group can draw on to use powerful skills.

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