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I think many of us know about the jensen codes, but there is much less out there on the oxford codes. This data base is for use for dating and verifying your amp...

Jensen 220; Utah 328; Oxford 465; JBL 73; CTS 137; Altec Lansing.

According to noted vintage amp specialist Gregg Hopkins, these early Oxfords were. DATING FENDER TRANSFORMERS, SPEAKERS & POTENTIOMETERS USING EIA CODES Female stating they only get better dating vintage oxford speakers with just ask a friend.

How to Date a Tweed Fender Champ Amplifier by the Speaker Code. tags: 1959, amp, amplifier, champ, Date, fender, Tweed, vintage .

In excellent condition, ready for your favorite vintage tube amp head. Oxford replaced Jensen as Fender's primary speaker vendor in '61, .

" Oxford speakers are my favorites of all vintage speakers and rarely have.

Anyone got an intuitive chart for Oxford speakers that went into fender cabs circa 1960s. Dating fender oxford speakers | Millionaire dating agency and the .

I have run into an anomaly, fender was screwy in the. is defined to include a little older as eminence speaker dating vintage leftover women.

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