Icloud photostream not updating on pc

The old Photo Stream Sharing feature was rebranded i Cloud Photo Sharing to avoid confusion.

Which is good because My Photo Stream and i Cloud Photo Library create enough confusion on their own.

After a few years of being an imperfect solution, Apple introduced i Cloud Photo Library.

But instead of replacing and building upon Photo Stream, Apple left the older service in place. "My Photo Stream" is a feature on your i Pad that allows you to share the most recent photos between all of your i OS devices.

And unlike Photo Stream, i Cloud Photo Library also works with video.

This means you can take a photo on your i Phone and view it on your i Pad without worrying about manually copying the photo yourself.

When you take a picture while My Photo Stream is turned on, the photo is uploaded to the cloud and then downloaded to your other devices. We hear it mentioned often these days, but it can still be confusing to those that don't know the jargon.

The shared photo stream doesn't have a time-based limitation, allowing you to share photos and keep them indefinitely. The shared photo stream has been rebranded as i Cloud Photo Sharing.

Believe it or not, there is a method to Apple's madness.

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