New york dating floods cause havoc across europe

“We’re preparing for flooding beyond anything we’ve seen,” said Kuniharu Abe, who heads the underground site.“Until now, at least, we’ve been successful.” But even in Tokyo, the onset of more frequent and intense storms has forced officials to question whether the region’s protections are strong enough, a concern that has become more urgent as the city prepares to host the 2020 Olympic Games.Between floods, site managers run tours of the facility, inviting members of the public to walk on the floor of the vast tank and to peer into the murky cisterns.Britain’s government was holding emergency talks on Sunday as flooding in northern England forced hundreds of people to leave their homes, including in the historic tourist destination of York.In eastern Saitama, where the Kasukabe facility has done the most to reduce floods, local industry has flourished; the region has successfully attracted several large e-commerce distribution centres and a new shopping mall.

“I’m not sure Japan can build something like this again,” Abe said.It took four days for the site’s four large pumps — powered by engines similar to those used in a Boeing 737 jet — to clear the deluge.“Tokyo faces dangers on all sides,” said Nobuyuki Tsuchiya, an anti-flooding expert and the former head of civil engineering for Tokyo’s flood-prone Edogawa ward.More rain is expected in the area Sunday although the downpours are not expected to be as severe as on Saturday.Environment Secretary Liz Truss told the BBC that the amount of rain had been “unprecedented”.

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Experts have also questioned the wisdom of erecting more concrete defenses in a country that has dammed most of its major river systems and fortified entire shorelines with breakwaters and concrete blocks.

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