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Neither Gjoni nor Quinn was particularly good at dating.

He’d had a handful of flings in college and she’d had a number of short-term relationships.

Judge Tynes told Quinn he wanted to help, but stumbled to find the right words as he scribbled down the conditions of a restraining order against Gjoni, barring him from ,” Quinn replied. This is where he and Quinn first hung out in person: It’s where his obsession with her began.

How often do you look at your ex-boyfriend's profile?

Possessed of a boyish face despite his shaggy beard, Gjoni has brown eyes and a skeletal 6-foot-1 frame, and speaks in a matter-of-fact, deadpan monotone.

His friends describe him as “extremely methodical,” “a very intellectual person with semi-decent people skills,” insular, rational, and almost preternaturally calm.

In a handwritten affidavit to the court, Quinn tried to explain what had happened over the past month.

After their brief romance ended, she noted, Gjoni “wrote and published a long post about my sex life and private dealings to several websites that he knew had a history of harassing me.” Quinn is a video-game designer and, like many women in the business, routinely receives misogynistic threats from strangers.

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Both seemed stuck in adolescence—the types of young adults who tend to burn hot and flame out fast. They met one December night at a dive bar in Harvard Square, snuck into Harvard Stadium, stayed over at Gjoni’s apartment in Chelsea, and got breakfast the next morning at Veggie Galaxy before continuing to hang out.

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