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And with the cost of 1-2 terabyte (1 TB = 1,000 GB) drives coming down all the time, you can get a tremendous amount of affordable storage.

To store and use your i Tunes library on an external hard drive, do the following: At this point, you can delete the i Tunes library on your main hard drive, if you want.

Hi, thanks for your help, but I'm struggling to understand what exactly I'm looking for in Itunes Music Library.xml, I have found this below. Because the error message didn't tell me exactly which song it was having problems with and I have over 10,000 songs to back up.The way to tell what file path is too long is either by watching carefully while it is backing up, looking in the xml file, or perhaps, doing a dir/s from a dos prompt and watching for something that is too long.Once you see what is too long --- rename it, then reassociate it in itunes. YOUR-8CZVOJY6X5/My Documents/My Music/i Tunes/i Tunes Music/ Another question, how long is too long for a file name?I have no idea where abouts in the back up process it decided that a particular file was too long.

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