Pros and cons of dating an artist

He doesn’t hold in all his emotions and then randomly explode at someone who cuts him off in traffic.

He makes an art form out of cuddling and probably wants to do it more often than you do (if that’s even possible).

Considering life as a roadie for your musical amor?

Read our pros and cons first: PROS Alex is a twenty-something Londoner who originated from California, and feels just at home on the beach in Galveston, TX as she does sipping a cocktail on the South Bank.

-You're still straight but you can say you're "prison tough." -awkward situations like shaving your gooch are made easy with the help of sexual tolerent room-mates.

-You can call the people that march in gay pride parades fags and not be repremanded for it. -You have a sense of style but you don't have that raspy voice. -You won't really have any friends that aren't 100% gay or are anorexic goths whose only friends is the fat lesbian chick with an unsightly mole, she calls it her pet, "Ronny." -When you really wanted to hook up with a girl but ended up with a guy, and you feel like you slacked off and just settled for an easy anal-pumping machine. That's like claiming that you like the mods, utter baloni. Because having gay sex is like when I blonde girl fucks an African god, very addicting. I like your attitude =), anywho i was going to say on how i thought that being bi was more of a girl thing then i remembered one of the cons of being bi (finding out the girl you're dating has a dick) bisexuals = greedy necrophillia!

-Wedding vows are a snap, "You're so perfect, if a man and a women were one, you would be ahead of them." -You don't have to worry about your girlfriend's ex-boyfriend hitting on you.Also bis are harder to rape since they tollerate both genders to a certain extent, as opposed to everyone else who only tollerates one gender. It's not as bad as you all think, or make it seem to be.Pros: You have every option open to you, pretty much anyways.-Finding out that your date is a man when you catch her peeing standing up, then finding out that she's hung like a baby. -You can't decide between Moulan Rouge or the Will and Grace finale. crack open a cold one =) the only bisexuals i've met seem to be claiming to be bisexual more then they actually are I like to call them trendsexuals =) the worst are the non-sexuals though so hideous neither side would tap it.-You can never watch talk shows because you've looked up all of the hosts' fake naked pictures and you can never concentrate on the conversations anymore. I choose the bisexual label because I like seeing anyone naked, and have a few kinky fantasies involving girls. The biggest advantage of being bi is that you hit on anyone in the world, including shemales.

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These days, their ponytails are gone, but they still like to curl up in a ball on the couch and have a good cry after watching “Blackfish.” Bless their mushy lil’ hearts, we wouldn’t have them any other way.

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