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This is a list of the more memorable games for computers. This list is for games that were strictly for computer users. Quite simple, used to scare us to death and probably can be called "the grandfather of 3d games". Graphics were subpar, but gameplay made up the difference. Astonishing 3-d game for the beloved Sinclair ZX-81, where you try to escape from a labyrinth where lives a T-Rex.An astounding furious two-player first-person 3D game with a simple premise: Get the ball and shoot it into your opponents goal.Utilizing a horizontally-split screen, you drove a hovercraft over a checkerboard grid, grabbed the ball using your forcefield, then carried it to your opponent's goal, all the while trying to avoid your opponent bumping you, harassing you, and trying to steal the ball.

You played as Marty Mcfly on a skateboard and you were riding thru the streets avoiding cars and people to meet up with "Doc".

Mad inmates and an even maddening 3d maze kept you hooked for weeks.

Best part: the note that tells you to look have a paino fall on your head!

I remember mapping out the city on graph paper as I went. One of the most popular game series for the commodore system.

The premise of the game was that you were abducted by aliens and set down in this fantasy city complete with magic, monstaers, and music. The archon series used a combination of strategy and arcade action.

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Fight in arenas to earn money to buy a tricked-out car, carry loads to different cities, or become a highway bandit and steal loads and sell them on the black market.

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