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But I'd still like to know why it didn't work initially. If you go to the Solution Explorer window and right click on the image file Text Box that is in the Text Box Validate project and select Properties from the floating menu you will see a property called “Build Action” and it should be set to “Embedded Resource”.Is this a problem of the import wizard, or does vs2003/2002 directly link the class definition to the bitmap file by using corresponding names...? This places the image into the dll itself and when loaded into the Toolbox the system will find the image resource and use it as the icon in the Toolbox. Still, the image didn't show up untill I manually set the class attribute using the code line above.In such cases, you can force the controls in the support library to behave more closely to the original VB6 controls by setting the VB6Config.Focus Event Support static property to True: When this property is True, the support library ensures that the Lost Focus event is always fired after the Validate event.For example, consider the following VB6 code: Private Sub Text1_Got Focus() Text1.Back Color = vb Yellow End Sub Private Sub Text1_Lost Focus() Text1.” The first instance of the object does not get created until you first drag the object from the Toolbox to your form.As stated above the image for the control is embedded in the dll and the system finds that resource and uses it as the icon.

The sequence is the same regardless of how the end user moves the input focus away from the control. NET controls fire these events in the same sequence only if end users move the input focus by means of the keyword; if they use the mouse, the control fires a Lost Focus event, then the Validating event, and – if the validation fails – another Got Focus event to let the application know that the focus is again on the control. NET programs created by VB Migration Partner follow the . In most cases, the fact that the Lost Focus event fires before the Validate event doesn’t affect the application negatively.Net 2.0 and so the target framework for that project is set to 2.0 and the project you are currently working on in VB . To correct the issues click on the project you are working on the one that uses the Text Box Validation Control in Solution Explorer and select Properties. Also, in the code I don't find any reference to the image provided. I would have expexted it to be either a class level attribute, or passed to the class in an event fired when loaded into the toolbox.In the Projects property page click on the Compile tab on the left of the page. But then again - there's no real instance of the class being loaded at that moment is there?And I have a little question: does it require 2003? May I ask that if you have not already rated this article can you please do so, it would be greatly appreciated. url=/library/en-us/vsintro7/html/I hope that the above info was of some help.To rate the article just under the author info near the bottom of the page you will find a section called “Rate this Article for us! Fernando Hi Fernando: I just voted high to thank you for this code.

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So if you have two controls in a single dll, Control A and Control B then the two image files for those controls must be Control and Control B.bmp, the system will find the correct image for the correct control.

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