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I thought it would be more interesting but there's nothing fun about having a ball stuck inside your pussy.

Oh and I do like the coverpage and pics from the shoot.

I masturbate thinking of him fucking me and sometimes I come 5 or 7 times before i go to sleep.

I think the best part of coming to visit is his dick in me. This time I asked to stay in bed with him instead of the other room and he's a good cuddler too.

Back in high school I was a Guest Ambassador for one of our science museums, which mainly included reuniting lost kids with their parents, giving people directions to certain exhibits and making sure to stamp peoples hands that wanted to return.I loved using the toys all day and getting to pick what I liked best. I would love to shoot again and do some cool exotic locations or something. My name is Charlotte Carmen, I'm an 18 year old girl going into college this fall with the goal of becoming a dental hygienist because I've found from personal experience that they aren't sensitive enough.Gums and teeth are delicate and fundamental parts of our body, and should be treated with care.They were friends in high school, though went in totally different directions in life, where Lexi went to work in a department store, as a quiet, recluse type of girl, and Charlotte became that sporty type with a very extroverted personality.FTV has reunited them again, and its pretty sweet to see them get frisky with each other for the first time.

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Mitzi here and I'm so excited to share my 1st time experience with you guys! I'm super random and loud ( I like to blame it on the ADHD I don't have). listening to some of the greats like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Dion, Nat King Cole, etc. I have a pastel green (super classy) record player and I currently have 341 records. I love collecting them and I get this weird feeling of accomplishment when I'm able to add a new record to my collection ( weird? I love dogs and I have a german-shepard, chocolate lab mix.

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